Monday, 28 June 2010

time out

just a quick non-post really, to say that i'm busy with sports-watching at the moment. what with wimbledon and the fifa world cup on at the same time, and me totally loving both those events, what little spare time i can spare is spent on the tvnz on demand site, catching up on the matches. did i say i love the internet?! i totally love it.

and just in case you're wondering (though probably not), i support argentina for the football - though the match with germany tomorrow is going to be a tough one. not sure who i'll support if they lose. and i'm totally a fan of mr roger federer, so i'm hoping he'll win the men's title at wimbledon again. haven't yet found a woman player that i've connected with - and haven't for quite some years. no-one impresses me quite as much as martina navratilova did - that woman definitely had the perfect combination of style and talent. my most favourite men's player of the last 30 years would have to be boris becker - i just loved the way he threw himself around the court and managed some seemingly impossible shots.

so anyway, don't expect to hear anything serious from me any time soon, unless i feel really enthusiastic about something. i'm feeling like i really need this mental break right now, and these 2 top-level sports are definitely a fine way to escape.

just a catch up on my posts over at the hand mirror, i covered: the sentencing of staff responsible for the union carbide disaster in bhopal, a very short post commemorating bloody sunday, a wonderful blog i found by a teenager doing a research project of sorts on teen magazines, my experiences at the sexual abuse survivors summit, and a follow up post on the advice given by a police officer to the asian community.


Julie said...

Enjoy your time out :-)

How did you come to the decision to back Argentina?

stargazer said...

yeah, i can't say it's a very rational decision! i became an argentina fan when diego maradonna actually played for the team and they won the world cup. i'm nothing if not consistent, so have stayed supporting them ever since. the fact that they usually have the best looking team has absolutely nothing to do with it! but also, i love their style and the flair with which they play the game, and the fact they are so much more comfortable with showing their emotions - probably a cultural thing. so there you go. quarter-final on sunday morning, my fingers are definitely crossed!