Tuesday, 15 June 2010


it's been a crazy day. after work i had to organise for a waikato interfaith council meeting at my home. also had a sick child to cope with & a funding application to get done. so i'm sitting there with my laptop all through the meeting, with half an ear on the proceedings and the other half of my attention going towards the funding application. luckily my buddies on the interfaith council are a very undertanding lot, and they didn't mind my partial attention to business.

so you can imagine that i'm not in the mood to write too much. i'll just link to some of the stuff i've been putting up at the hand mirror: an excellent speech by sue bradford dealing with the issue of unemployment insurance (a highly-recommened read), a change of CEO at the ministry of women's affairs, and some strange advice by a member of the police force (about which i should have a more positive update, hopefully tomorrow).

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