Wednesday, 26 August 2009

still here, still posting...

i posted at the hand mirror yesterday, with some further updates and links on the ACC funding for sensitive claims counselling, along with some other bits and pieces. there have been further updates to the story, with the government backing down on some of the proposed changes. further questioning in parliament today can be found here, where the hon nick smith now assures us that "no final decisions have yet been made". the pressure definitely needs to be kept on to ensure the correct final decisions are made.

also, i'll have a post up tomorrow morning at the hand mirror about some important action points around pay equity, the report on the cartwright inquiry, and the EPMU campaign supporting telco technicians.

fasting is going well this year. i'm not finding it too draining, possibly because the days are shorter or maybe because i've been a little more organised and inventive around fast and healthy food (and sometimes not so healthy, but i try). i can't believe that 5 days have gone already!

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