Tuesday, 18 August 2009

gamble free day

it's late, i'm tired, so cutting and pasting again! thought you might be interested in this from the problem gambling foundation:

Get a discount voucher from our website (www.pgfnz.org.nz) and you can receive 10% dining discount at the participating restaurants (137 restaurants in the five major cities in NZ) on Gamble Free Day 1st Sept 2008.

In 2004, the 1st day of September was proposed as the national day of action against gambling harm and “Gamble Free Day” was launched. This happened because during the past couple of decades, New Zealand ’s gambling industry has grown rapidly and this has caused considerable damage to individuals, families and our communities.

Did you know:
· Everyday in NZ $5.5 million is lost on gambling
· There are 14 convictions relating to gambling everyday
· Among those who seek help, the average amount of money lost from Asian clients is 7 times that of other ethnic clients

The purposes of this campaign launched by Problem Gambling Foundation, Asian Services are:
1) Raising the awareness of gambling harms in our communities
2) Promoting healthy entertainment & activities for individual / families / friends to participate in!

We encourage people to rather spend their time and money on family/friend’s gathering instead of gambling.

Enjoy a happy meal on Gamble Free Day!

and also,
this piece by anne else regarding a new book on the cartwright inquiry at national women's hospital well worth a read.

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