Tuesday, 13 January 2009

teachers wanted

we're starting up a new project at shama that i'm quite excited about. it's a project for children rather than women, so a new area of work for us. we're setting up a homework project for refugee kids, particularly at the high school level. some of these children are struggling and sometimes going of the rails. the project seeks to provide them with support in the areas of english, maths, science and english.

we've just advertised for positions. it's a 3 hour a week job for registered teachers at secondary school level. so if you know of anyone in or around hamilton that you think might be interested, please do ask them to send an email to shamahewc@xtra.co.nz to get more details.

in other news, i have an interview coming up with bFM tomorrow which will be broadcast some time next week. will let you know more soon. right now, i'm off to do some background reading!

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