Wednesday, 14 January 2009


i'm way too tired to post anything coherent tonight. i have lots of things in my head, but no energy to sort them all out.

so i recorded the interview today about the gaza crisis. they did an interview with dave moskovitz yesterday and will be doing a couple of others before pulling it all together into a coherent whole. they picked the two of us because of our articles for the first aen journal back in 2006. the interview is to air next thursday, will let you know the exact time once i find out.

so i spent last night wading through the many emails i'd received from various groups. there have just been too many to keep up with them. i've been thinking about doing a substantive post about it all, but so many people have been writing on the subject and so eloquently that there hardly seems to be much left to say.

while looking around, i found this:

We call upon everybody inclined to act, to participate in one way or another in the organisation of a humanitarian convoy that will leave Amman to go to Gaza via Sderot on 18 January 2009.

Several representatives of the Congress, Imams and Rabbis together with Christian leaders, will join the convoy to express our unconditional support for the Israeli and Palestinian civilian populations.

i just hope that they all get through to their intended destination safely, and that they are actually allowed to enter israel and gaza. if they make it, i wonder how many news organisations will cover this. not many, if any.

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