Sunday, 2 November 2008

radio appearances

just a quick post to say that i will be on community radio hamilton tomorrow morning, 8.40am. you can catch the interview via live streaming here. i'll also be on the women's voices programme on planet fm, this coming thursday. i'll let you know exact details as they come to hand. if the interviews are available as podcasts, i'll get those details out too.

here's an excellent piece by richard boock on national's policy to gut sports funding. there's also a good piece on economic management by rod oram, but not on-line yet. will put in a link if i find it, otherwise will put up the article.

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Ben R said...


Interestingly Olympic Triathalete Bevan Docherty (athletes are huge beneficiaries of targetted SPARC elite athlete funding) likes National's approach.

"Bevan Docherty: the usually-Labour voter is switching to National.Yes, Helen Clark’s done a great job, “but she just surrounds herself with idiots…He likes National’s approach to sports funding, and derives hope from shades of “Think Big” Muldoonism."