Sunday, 23 November 2008

mindless vandalism

in case you missed it, i posted at the hand mirror on friday morning. i was in auckland on friday night and saturday. saturday morning was quite interesting, at the pacific women's watch annual conference. there were some excellent speakers, including the ever-wonderful rosslyn noonan (chief human rights commissioner), deborah mckenzie (preventing violence in the home), judi clements (CE, mental health foundation) and ruth thomas (communications lecturer, uni of auckland).

all of these women made some wonderful points, and i hope to get copies of their speeches over the next week so that i can highlight some of the main points. i'll be posting these over at the hand mirror.

in the meantime, i've been having a terrible time with my letterbox. some moron has devoted their life to it's continual destruction, with what purpose i'm not sure. it's a wooden letterbox in the shape of a little house, and it has been pulled apart in various ways, and taken off the base. the first attack was in the midst of the campaign. but the latest spate started a few days after the election. within 2 days of my getting it functional, the vandal strikes again.

it's not just annoying, but pretty frustrating. because no-one else of my neighbours is currently having this problem, it does seem to be pretty personal. i've reported it once to the police, not really knowing why i bothered (in fact, i even felt guilty about wasting police time) except that i wanted to have it on record in case something worse happens. not that i expect it will. this person's aggro seems to stop at the letterbox; it's destruction seems to appease whatever demon is tormenting his spirit (yes, i'm pretty sure it'll be a "he").

so in the meantime, i'm looking for a bricklayer in order to build a more indestructible letterbox, just to get some peace. sigh.


Ben R said...

Hmmm, I remember last Christmas my dad's neighbour stopped by and said he'd found my dad's letterbox in his swimming pool! Letterboxes seem an appealing target for some idiots.

stargazer said...

if it was a one-off attack, i wouldn't be so worried. it's the fact that this person is attacking every few days and very soon after the letterbox has been repaired that is bothering me. having said that, i've been attack free for a week now. let's hope it's over.