Tuesday, 19 August 2008

tiring day

i've had another extremely busy day today. there was an open day at shama, to commemorate our 7th anniversary. then there was a waikato interfaith council meeting, but i couldn't stay for long. then rush back home for a teleconference. and that was in addition to the normal workday and kids to deal with!

the open day at shama was great. finally, after all these 7 years, i was able to stand up and say that we are on our feet and delivering successful programmes. after all these years of struggle, of ups and down and almost shutting up shop, we are finally a fully functioning ethnic women's centre providing a range of programmes and support for the ethnic women of hamilton and the waikato.

and finally, i'm so glad that there is going to be a pre-march in front of the boobs on bikes parade tomorrow organised by the auckland women's centre. i can't remember where i read it first, but i echo the sentiment that it's so great someone is finally standing up against this stuff. wish i could have been there.

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