Friday, 22 August 2008

the asian radio show

just a quick note to promote a new radio show on radio live, which sapna samant has been involved with:

Starting on 23 August on Radio Live at 7.30 pm, THE ASIAN RADIO SHOW brings a different perspective to ‘being Asian’ in New Zealand. Funded by New Zealand On Air, this show aims to inform, entertain and engage audiences about life in Aotearoa New Zealand through Asian eyes. And sometimes about Asian lives through non-Asian eyes.

Being Asian in New Zealand is complex and The Asian Radio Show acknowledges that complexity through storytelling, reports, interviews and panel discussions with just a touch of irreverence.

Fronted by stand-up comedian and actor Tarun Mohanbhai and co-produced by thedownlowconcept and Holy Cow Media, The Asian Radio Show covers the spectrum from the frivolous to the important. From fashion to sexuality, health, politics, Asian posterchildren and even cosmetic dentistry in Cambodia. Issues that matter to all New Zealanders and are of relevance to those of Asian origin.

Mitch Harris of Radio Live says the show is another way of including New Zealanders from all backgrounds and experiences. “The Asian Radio Show isn’t just a show for people from Asia, or of Asian descent, it focuses on stories of interest for everyone but works to highlight issues often overlooked by mainstream media. I’m really looking forward to getting those stories out there.”

let me sheepishly admit that this is a little bit of self-promotion, in that i'll be on the first show along with pansy wong, discussing politics. i haven't heard the final cut of the show, so am hoping it comes out ok! but i think this is a great development nonetheless - a decent asian show on a commercial station, at a decent time. yay!!

and while i'm at it, i'll also be on radio nz's "the panel" on monday. wish me luck!

chris trotter has started a new blog, which i've added to the blogroll. i sometimes find that i violently disagree with what he writes, but the analysis is usually good and every now and then he'll come up with something absolutely stunning. in any case, i've had a look through a couple of posts, and it looks pretty good. chris is taking the trouble to interact with commenters, and they're keeping tight moderation on the comments. i wish him well with the blog.

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