Friday, 20 June 2008

world refugee day

haven't been posting this week because i've spent most of it in bed with a bad cold. and that was after having had a flu vaccination at least a month ago. i hate it when you lose a week of your life like that!

anyway, things are getting back to normal, and i've posted today at the hand mirror. and while on the topic of the UN, i believe today is world refugee day. a good time to remember the 11.4 million people who are refugees today, while we sleep comfortably in our warm beds and look forward to the weekend.


Aditi said...

can you comment on this ?

stargazer said...

not sure what comment you'd like? looks like you have to have a gmail account to join this group. it appears to be for activists wanting to join the united nations' millenium campaign to end poverty by 2015. commendable goals, we're not even close in 2008. there's a lot that will have to change before we get there.