Thursday, 12 June 2008

poetry (or not!)

i'm way too tired for a serious post. the younger child had her cast taken off today, and i thought life was going to get back to normal. but her knee is painful from being kept straight too long, she'll be in crutches for another month, off school for a week, and i now have 2 weeks of physiotherapy appointments to fit into my schedule. i keep reminding myself that it could have been worse. at least she's alive, safe and on the way to recovery.

won't be blogging tomorrow, am out of town. then saturday night i have to go to a poetry reading. ugh. i hate these, especially cos it's urdu poetry (not that i have any love or appreciation of english poetry), so i'm dealing with a second language. but even worse, it's a reading of poetry by ghalib, the renowned indian poet whose poetry was so intricate and many-layered in meaning that even his contemporaries had difficulty appreciating him. the man was a genius; pity i'm so devoid of culture.

finally, who knew there was such a thing as the chartered institute of purchasing and supply, and that they are holding a strategic procurement forum. sounds like as much fun as a poetry reading! except that "socially-responsible procurement" is something we probably all could do with.

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