Tuesday, 8 April 2008

from my cold, dead hands...

really too tired to blog today, after a hectic weekend. so i'll just link to other stuff, like this release on the human rights film festival. looks like there'll be some great films, just wish some of these would come to hamilton!

also, the standard is getting leaders of political parties to answer questions posed by their readers. the first leader to participate is hon jim anderton, and he does a creditable job here. next up is jeannette fitzsimmons.

if you haven't managed to see it yet, here's a link to the prime minister being interviewed on BBC's hard talk, which is worth a look. and finally, kiwiblogblog does a nice little tribute to charleton heston. can't say i was ever a fan of his films, and thought very little of him after seeing "bowling for columbine". but as the tribute reminds us, everyone has some redeeming qualities.

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