Thursday, 24 April 2008

men's health

now here's a healthy development. it's the "first men's health meeting", called by hon damien o'connor. about time really.

there are obvious gender differences around health issues, and having men's groups or advocates getting together is much more useful than having women doing it. also, there seems to be a perception that men's health issues don't get the attention that women's health issues do. i would debate that. i think women's health issues, particularly around mental health, were badly neglected for a long time. there has been a lot of hard work around advocacy and lobbying by women's groups for many years that have lead to significant advances, particularly around issues like breast cancer and cervical cancer.

however, by having men's health as a separate delegation in the health portfolio, the perception that men's health is somehow less important can be changed.

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strawbrie.jam said...

I think it's great that men's health issues are finally getting some coverage. Not to say women's aren't important, they are, however, men's are just as important but have seriously underrepresented lately. I saw the prostate cancer ad on tv today, and have to admit it took me by surprise. I think it's great that people are beginning to raise awareness about such things