Monday, 10 September 2012

catching up

so i haven't been posting much here because i was posting at the hand mirror last week, here, here and here.  i've also been feeling much more relaxed since i resigned from the position that caused me so much angst.  suddenly i feel like i'm getting done the things i need to do, and that i'm actually on top of things rather than feeling guilty about all the things that should already have been done last week, or last month.  which means that other people now have those problems to deal with, but i'm finding not the slightest need to feel guilty about that.

with the relief has also come a determination to be thankful for the things i have and to enjoy life a lot more.  which doesn't mean i'm doing a lot of different things as such, but more that i'm being positive in my mind about the things i am doing.  it takes a little effort now and then, but mostly not.  it just generally means a happier me.

one of the things i've been doing over the last few weeks is catching up on sports stuff.  youtube is great for those of us who don't think we should have to pay for the privilege to watch quality sport, and thankfully we now have access to the olympics events on you tube.  so i've been catching up on the men's & women's 10m diving, the all-round men's & women's gymnastics, and various track events like the men's 4 x100; the men's & women's 100 & 200.  i'm still looking forward to watching some table tennis & badminton, as well as some of the long-distance running.

and of course i couldn't resist this 23 minute clip of roger federer winning wimbledon:

pity that he lost in the semi-finals at the US open, and hoping some clips of that should be up soon.  but yay serena williams for managing to take out the women's title.

on a more serious note, a couple of pieces worth reading:  this op-ed at al-jazeera about white supremacy in the US is really well written; and this is a must read post about zeena & zainab al-hilli, the young iraqi girls whose parents were shot recently in france, with zeena not being found until 7 hours later.

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