Monday, 6 December 2010

domestic what??

i had a busy weekend, starting with the community radio hamilton end of year function on friday night, then a fundraiser for another organisation.

saturday, i ended up doing a couple of unexpected things, one of which was an in-depth digipoll survey for the hamilton city council. took over 20 minutes & they asked all sorts of questions about what i thought of council services, staff & councillors. i was pretty happy with most things, except for the exceptional amount of money being spent on big projects like the stadium at claudlands, upgrades in hood st, and of course the v8s. the staff i've generally found quite helpful & willing to listen. the basic services around water supply, rubbish collection, and parks & gardens are also very good. the city roundabouts are really looking lovely at this time of the year, & i especially love the one outside clarence st pak'n'save, with its bright marigolds.

saturday night was our end of year work dinner, and our boss hired a bus & took us all up to spookers in auckland. it was really a lot of fun, & some quite scary bits. a good night out. my secret santa present was a pair of these:
whoever it was also bought a big pink ring and put it on one finger. obviously someone is having fun with the fact that i have a total aversion to housework, and i love them. i wore them most of the evening.

sunday was busy from morning to evening, and yet again, i feel like i go to work to have a break from my weekends! still, i have a resful one coming up (i hope) & the chance to catch up on the things i was supposed to get done this weekend.

for a more serious post, i've put up some suggestions on policy priorities for the new minister of women's affairs, over at the hand mirror.


Aliya said...

What an awesome gift! Clearly your office knows you well :)

stargazer said...

heehee! you're welcome to borrow them any time...