Monday, 31 August 2009

zeal dispute sorted out

in case you missed them, i had a couple of posts up at the hand mirror on friday, one about the national government preventing the leader of the opposition visiting our local firestation, for no good reason that i can see. the other is about proposed cuts to preparatory courses for university entrance, specially designed for those who have not managed to complete the NCEA qualification.

in good news today, the zeal 320 dispute (whereby an air nz subsidiary were paying lower wages to zeal workers than air nz workers) has been satisfactorily settled. you can get more information here:

The 15 month deal achieves a number of substantial improvements including a 3.95% pay increase, a 6.7% increase in a tour of duty allowance after 12 months, introduction of a new guaranteed allowance of either $149 or $186 a fortnight based on last year's value of an at-risk bonus scheme, a $1000 up-front payment and the addition of a number of non-financial clauses.

A working group to look at hours of work and rostering will also be established.

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james said...

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