Wednesday, 1 July 2009

first prize

no substantial post today, it's been a busy evening. and afternoon. i'm the person who has never won anything substantial - given that i never gamble so have never bought lotto or the like, that really reduces my chances. but during my trip to the winter show a while back, i entered a competition run by a photography studio. all it involved was giving them my personal details. yeah, i generally don't do that, but i thought i'd risk it this time.

so seddon portrait house rings me a few weeks later to tell me i've won their grand prize, which involves $1,649 worth of free photography. i'm thinking there will no doubt be a catch, but they sent me all the details and it looked above board. what i'd won was one big framed photograph. today was the photo shoot, with me and the girls. we had some lovely photographs taken down by the river - well, i hope they're lovely. i'll see them next week at the "viewing".

i suspect that's where the hard sell will be happening, and their photographs sure aren't cheap. an upgrade to the next size from the prize i've won will cost me $700 ie counting the $1,649 free prize, that's one photograph costing $2,349. now maybe this is normal pricing for this kind of thing, and maybe there are plenty of people who pay this kind of money for photographs. but it sure seems expensive to me.

anyway, i do appreciate the fact that we'll get this portrait for free. and it was a fun experience. i just hope i'm not too much out of pocket this time next week!

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Deborah said...

I've never been much into that whole family portrait business, but I've just started to wonder whether it might be nice to have a good photo of our girls, and us.

I'm sure you will cherish that photo for many years to come.