Monday, 4 June 2012

i had no idea...

i can now tick another item off the bucket list.  tonight we went to see the waikato magic play live, and an excellent game it was too.  they've just beaten the southern steel, and i can't remember the score properly but i think it was something like 63-47.  of course i took my mooloo cow bell, and of course it was inappropriate because nobody else had one, and of course i made as much noise as i could with it!  that's part of the fun, and i wasn't interested in further advertising the sponsors with those plastic blow-up stick thingies.  they had their name everywhere they could as it was.

my netball career suffered a bit of setback in my younger years.  it turns out that i was the tallest girl in the class in standard 4 (as it was then), so of course the coach put me on defence, and that's the position i played in and got used to.  but by form 2, i'd stopped growing while everyone else took off.  and suddenly playing goal defence wasn't such a great idea anymore.  so i stopped with the netball by 4th form.  but it's funny how the rules all still stay in your mind.

magic were pretty ordinary in the first quarter, then really picked their game up from the 2nd & never looked back.

i was working today, by myself in the office, and found this cheered me up immensely:

if ever i have a theme song, i think this will be it.  apparently this was never a big hit, and i don't really understand why, considering some of the stuff that has made it to the top.  i can't say i'm a huge fan of tim finn, but i did like split enz music & i also remember liking this back in 1984.  but i really loved the one i've put up above from the first time i heard it.

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