Monday, 11 April 2011

well, since you asked...

frivolous post day today! i happen to have henna on both my hands at the moment, though from different occasions. the right hand i got done on thursday night at a gala organised by our local high school. it was a great occasion, themed around various cultures. there was spanish, japanese, thai, and indian cuisine on offer, and plenty of bollywood music. it was lovely to see the kids having a wonderful time and embracing what was on offer. there was also some pretty good fire dancing which looked very cool in the dark.

on saturday i got my other hand done at the indigo festival's final event, indigo show. this had been postponed from a couple of weeks ago, due to the weather. this saturday was bright & sunny, and there were a range of performances and stalls.

so of course, once people see my hands (and especially if they haven't heard of henna), the first question they ask is "what's the significance of that?" i always want to think of some bizarre explanation, just because i am a mean person who quite enjoys having fun with people. when it comes to things cultural and exotic, any explanation is likely be accepted - it's just too wonderful an opportunity to let pass! so henceforth, i'm going to try out an explanation involving a secret fertility ritual. of course i'll only try it with people who would be comfortable with a practical joke - my meanness only goes so far...

finally, my favourite song at the moment is paul simon's "under african skies", and here's a version featuring the wonderful miriam makeba:

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