Sunday, 31 October 2010

goodbye michael redman

i've had a nice, relaxed weekend. just what i needed before an extremely busy week. i've put up a couple of posts at the hand mirror, one about strong women role-models on tv, and another linking to an article about the impact of feminist discourse on migrant women.

the waikato times has a big write up in saturday's paper about our departing city CEO & former mayor, michael redman. as i've said before, i can't say that i'm the slightest bit sorry to see him go. not only was the whole transition from mayor to CEO dodgy (i'd actually have to agree with margaret evans who says he should have resigned as mayor before applying for the job), but there is the huge level of debt he has left behind. now that his whole family is shifting up to auckland, he's not even going to help pay it off via his rates. it's a burden he's left for those of us who stay behind.

also stupid was his decision to kill tourism waikato, the council funded organisation that used to promote tourism in the region. this had a negative impact for many businesses in the city:

The loss of its [regional tourism organisation] in 2006 was linked to 30,000 fewer people staying in commercial accommodation in the former Tourism Waikato territory for the year ended July 2008.

At the time it was the only region in the country to see a decline.

he's leaving hamilton to be the head of the auckland CCO for tourism, events & economic development. i just hope that there is better control of his activities by the council there.

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