Monday, 9 August 2010

we shall overcome

i put up a post at the hand mirror yesterday about some music i've been listening to, from an album by bruce springsteen called we shall overcome: the seeger sessions.

in reading up the history of some of the songs, i found that the title song had been translated to an indian version "hum honge kamyab", which sounded really familiar to me. i'm sure i've heard the indian version many times over the years, but most recently it appeared in the film "my name is khan", and you can see a poor quality youtube version from the film here. and here is a much cooler indian rocker version.

this week will see the start of ramadan. as i mentioned in my post yesterday, i'm one of the privileged who has never had to face poverty and hunger. but the next month will be my chance to empathise with those who do, and to appreciate what i have. it's a time of reflection and extra prayer, also a time for community.

so i'll likely be blogging a little less over the next few weeks, depending on my energy levels.


Deborah said...

I'll be thinking of you, anjum, and wishing you well in this season of fasting.

stargazer said...

thanx so much deborah. i guess it's a little bit of a parallel to your dry july, though i know i won't have the energy to do anything as cool as your star chart!

Deborah said...

This seems to be a much better thing than my dry July. As you know, religion is not for me, but I am beginning to have the glimmerings of an understanding of the importance of Ramadan, and why a period of fasting and reflection and community gathering is such a good thing.