Monday, 3 May 2010

out of words...

so i've been busy fighting battles over at the hand mirror lately, so haven't had much time to blog here. i've had several posts up over the last few days, the last couple being the most substantial. there was one i wrote last week but went up on sunday, further expanding my thoughts on the burqa and other things, and another i've put up tonight about the movie "the blind side" which i watched over the weekend.

i was doing some other interesting things over the weekend. unfortunately i missed the march against mining, because i was attending an "access to justice" forum organised by the office of ethnic affairs. we heard from manukau district court judge ajit singh, who was a fount of wisdom and experience, and then i attended a workshop where we had some interesting discussions around marriage, and family court issues. i hope to write about some of that during the week, if i have the energy.

on sunday, i had the privilege of listening to charles chauvel on climate change policy. yet again he showed how extremely talented he is, as he covered what happened at copenhagen and what's to be expected next. compared to what some other countries are doing and what all countries should be doing, nz's effort is rather pathetic.

so i'm all out of words just now. hope to have more later.


Anonymous said...

Lets see a list of the other countries and what they are doing.
Especially lets see a list of our major trading partners and what they are doing.

You really don't have a clue do you.

stargazer said...

very funny anon, quite a comedian aren't you? oh you weren't trying to be funny...

i saw a list of what other countries are doing and what our trading partners are doing. i don't have it, it's with charles. i suspect, therefore, that i have quite a bit more of a clue than you do.