Wednesday, 10 February 2010

more things i did this summer

yeah, just to let you know that i wasn't being totally lazy! i definitely boosted the retail sales figures. in fact, i'm pretty sure i single-handedly pulled nz out of recession. i've replaced my dryer, which i've missed so badly over the last few months, and my dishwasher which was fallen apart. bought a laptop for the older child, a new vacuum cleaner, and finally signed up to broadband. i got tired of waiting for the cheaper broadband that various ministers of communication (and even the current prime minister) have been promising for years. broadband to my door is still not happening (i'm talking to you, mr key), but i figured that i should finally move out of the stone age.

i managed to clean out the garage, which is a major achievement. created many piles of rubbish. the garden is getting sorted - not by me of course. no, i have a lovely chap who has been working on my garden and managed to tidy up my backyard quite a bit as well. the only effort i've made in this area is to briefly watch him at his work.

i even managed a few days at the beach, over at pauanui. lovely spot except for the dogs running lose in the evenings. most dog-owners were really considerate, but i certainly didn't enjoy one particular animal pawing all over me. the owner was totally unapologetic and nowhere near as nice as her pet. i just can't understand why people expect everyone else to love their animals. it's not that i don't love animals - i do love them as a group, totally want to be sure they are treated well and that we maintain the environment and their habitats. it's just individual animals that i'm not particularly fond of, and would much rather they stayed in said habitats and far away from me! if anyone has good ideas on how to keep neighbourhood cats off my property (without poisoning them: i really don't want to upset the neighbours nor turn in to a cat-murderer), these will be most gratefully received.

i've also not totally escaped my volunteer work over summer, and have been doing job interviews and selecting employees. also a bit of work on resolving conflict. being an employer is an interesting experience, particularly given that, politically speaking, i'm firmly on the side of the workers. it's not a particularly easy role, but i'm certainly learning a lot!

all in all, not a quiet summer, but one where i've been reassessing things and deciding that i need a somewhat quieter life. it's not getting any quieter in the short-term, but i'm hoping to get there soon!

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