Wednesday, 29 October 2008

don't let them privatise the prisons

very tired tonight. spent after a one and a half hour session with the endodontist (higher level dentist who can justify charging more because of the fancy name... ok, and because he had to spend many more years to get his qualifications) yesterday before the candidates debate. i am getting new insights into grades of pain, and a reinforced love of anti-inflammatories. and it's not over yet, i have another 90 minute session the monday after the election. i can't wait.

anyway, tonight i put in some more time at the labour party factory. keeping focused on getting the policy out to voters, while the media waste their time on scandals. so tiresome. they should have spent time on the absolutely wicked plan by national to privatise prisons. very simply, if employers can get prisoners to do your job for less pay and no conditions (ie sick leave, holidays etc), then why would they keep you on? the effect of prison labour will be to reduce working conditions for everyone and to increase unemployment. i'm all for getting people in prison rehabilitated, upskilled, and into meaningful work. as long as it's at market wage rates and all required conditions are met. privatising prisons doesn't tend to do that.

and i caught a little bit of the movie recount on prime tonight. i knew a lot of the stuff that happened in terms of disenfranchising voters, but the film put the whole thing in context. it really is compulsory viewing, and i hope they put it on some time after the election when i have time to pay full attention.

and i hope to soon have time to pay full attention to my kids. with exams coming up, and enrolments for next year to be done, i'm feeling pretty frantic. 10 more days to go, just 10 more days...

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