Tuesday, 13 May 2008

funny muslims

having written two posts yesterday, and having just gotten through a teleconference and another long phone discussion, i'm too tired to post much today. you can see my seconde post here, at the hand mirror. also an excellent post by deborah regarding ACT's proposed policy.

now who says muslims don't have a sense of humour. in aussie, there's a programme that aired for the first time on SBS last week, called salam cafe. it's been going for a couple of years on another channel and has been winning all kinds of awards. last week's programme had dave hughes (of "hughsy loses it" from rove), and was apparently a cracker. you may be able to get older versions of the show here, here and here.

a lot of western-style muslim comedy is starting to come through. there's the "allah made me funny" group from america, and the "little mosque on the prairie" sitcom being produced in canada. i just can't imagine any of this kind of stuff being produced in the middle east. it's that mixture of east and west that makes for the funniest stuff.

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