Sunday, 30 March 2008

no pokie money please

have had a really busy day today, so won't post much. just an update re the cleaners, who are on strike on wednesday, because spotless services is not paying them the contracted price of $14 per hour and the backpay that is due. hope that people will support the cleaners on this issue.

also, good on this sports club for refusing to take gambling money. i'm sure they will struggle, but it's a stance we certainly need to see more of. i have some knowledge of the inside workings of one of these gambling charities, and its not pretty. the geographical areas they take the most cash out of are not the areas that end up getting the majority of the grants. and i saaw a lot of favouritism in the allocation of grants. how widespread that is, i don't know.

pokies are just evil. electronic betting on pokies is even worse. neither do i support on-line betting for lotto. if we could only persuade people to set aside that money for charitable organisations, nz would be a much better place.

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